The Social Distancing of Miniatures

Looking at the world in miniature through the eye of a camera lens is a pastime I have always enjoyed.  As I was approaching my final semester in University at the end of three years study, a Studio project was one of the options I could select from my module, and the subject was open choice. With the current Covid-19 situation and the lockdown which ensued, resulting in social distancing, I decided to transfer that theme to miniature figures and models.

Having previously researched artists such as Slinkachu, James Casebere and David Levinthal, I wanted to imitate their approach but setting up scenes to match my project title.  The scenarios were constructed using model plastic soldiers, dinosaurs with fires raging in the background, skiers on snowy topped mountains and bunkers on a golf course and other suitable props.  I also looked at using fairy tale figures as well as Star Wars characters to achieve the look.  Working with uncooperative figures and models who decided to fall over was frustrating at times, but in the world of miniatures, no Model Release Form was required. 

During the project I wanted to bring an element of fun into the work and I feel that this was achieved by using miniatures set up in another world of isolation.  Overall it was a challenging project, but very rewarding.